Report for 1-2146423292 - 2020-03-31 214
Called my cellphone. Didn't recognize number so didn't answer. Call id just showed "Out of area." Left no message. Blocked!

Report for 1-6099988767 - 2020-03-31 609
Stop Calling Me!

Report for 1-9197524484 - 2020-03-31 919
I received a call from this number and they left a message stating they were an officer with the social security office. I was supposed to call them back immediately but I chose not to. It's a scam.

Report for 1-2122720132 - 2020-03-31 212
Received two calls back to back from this number with no messages left. Just blocked it.

Report for 1-2083841033 - 2020-03-31 208
Called my cell phone this morning. Didn't leave msg, so added to blocked list.

Report for 1-3236096217 - 2020-03-31 323
This is the third time I have rec'd a call. No message either time. I am blocking

Report for 1-6788870471 - 2020-03-31 678
Called my land line on 9/15/16. Did not leave a message. Caller ID reads, "Los Angeles, CA". Now this number is also blocked.

Report for 1-2208850174 - 2020-03-31 220
No message left. Blocked and deleted.

Report for 1-4233542225 - 2020-03-31 423
I got the same message as everyone else. The call was on my voice mail. Scam.

Report for 1-8179077830 - 2020-03-31 817
You do not have to talk to anyone at this number because you are calling from an outbound

Report for 1-4105015846 - 2020-03-31 410
Same as everyone else. Scammers.

Report for 1-9042551993 - 2020-03-31 904
I just got a call from this number today. If you're being harassed by a bunch of unknown numbers, and you're on the National Do Not Call list, which you probably are, you can file a complaint at . Here's a link for you to a good one:

Report for 1-5034205979 - 2020-03-31 503
I recieved a call from this number saying i was going to prosecuted with a law suit and that the irs was going to take me to court....scared the heck out of me....i was also scared at first as i was in tears and could not understand what was being said....i would have paid but now i am very upset that i have not enough money.

Report for 1-4147747777 - 2020-03-31 414
Called and did not leave a message. Added to my blocker.

Report for 1-3853575501 - 2020-03-31 385
Got a call from a man saying there's been two violations in the last 3 days and can only pay the restitution (to them, of course) for the first. I can't imagine how many people are so desperate that they'll do that. I called the number right back but the voicemail was full.

Report for 1-5086354304 - 2020-03-29 508
Some guy saying that i was picked for a million dollar grant in which i had to send them 500 dollars in order to get it all. I'm not kidding. I think its a fraud but I wouldn

Report for 1-8476150369 - 2020-03-29 847
Called today asking to speak to my son (who I assume is at a school phone). He said he would call back...I assume his intentions are to get my phone number and ask me to pass his message to my son. I am not a day care provider either, so when I said I am the parent, he hung up. We have no contact with ANYONE in New York, so if they are a legit company, they can call as many times as they like. Don't know how they could get my son's name in the first place, but I'm not taking part.

Report for 1-3012210582 - 2020-03-29 301
Same here, I have this number on my reject list

Report for 1-4048507350 - 2020-03-29 404
They're back! These people are calling every day, never answer and hang up.

Report for 1-4064126291 - 2020-03-29 406
Called twice in a row, but did not leave a message. From reading the posts, they are scammers. I have an Idea. If we knew where they were located and had no way of stopping their unwanted calls, how do we have the right to call them back continuously and harass them? The Do Not Call Registry has no means to stop these callers, but if hundreds of us band together and call them back with no identifiers on the phone, they might get the message and stop calling.

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