Report for 1-2153775105 - 2020-08-21 215
I just got the same thing...

Report for 1-5092715556 - 2020-08-21 509
Keeps calling and not leaving a message.

Report for 1-9031152005 - 2020-08-21 903
Said I'm being sued the I owed back taxes for 40000 and would have arrest warrant if I did a bankruptcy. He was rude said had an accent said to pay $4,000 by moneygram immediately before they send the police department to bring me in. Told me good luck! I did call back to see what this was all about they said they already went to my house but I should ask him himself if I knew anyone who would do this.

Report for 1-4042207655 - 2020-08-21 404
Received 2 robo calls on Friday 4/20/2019 at 12

Report for 1-8183516697 - 2020-08-20 818
Received a voicemail on my cell, from "Travis" that he was on his way to my home or place of employment to "serve" me with papers. Tried calling the 888 number back from a secure line after reading all the comments, and the phone rang many times till the 'turd' hung up, leaving a blank 4-min message. No company name anywhere in the recorded message or on the automated 'business' message. I called it back for a while and ended up talking to a woman, who asked my name, and when I gave it to her she asked for my number. I gave her the address to my job, and then, she

Report for 1-4074237628 - 2020-08-20 407
Calls a lot! Scam

Report for 1-3304972758 - 2020-08-20 330
This is a scammer. They do not want you to know their location. They can not help you even if you wanted to, as they are scammers.

Report for 1-8123876012 - 2020-08-20 812
These people have been calling me every single day for the past week. They never leave anyone voice mail, so I finally blocked them from my cell phone.

Report for 1-5163368254 - 2020-08-19 516
Called me too, left no message. I'm going to block it too.

Report for 1-3523762388 - 2020-08-19 352
This is a collection agency.I have told them several times I dont know the person they are trying to call. They still call me. I need them to stop harassing me. The reason for the call is to collect a debt,if I didnt pay it off they would not be calling.

Report for 1-9015601167 - 2020-08-19 901
Called my house phone and the lady on the other end of the call said she was "Shirley" and wanted to know if there was "Nooch" (my husband's name). When told there was no "Nooch" on the phone, the lady said "This call is being recorded"

Report for 1-2014087062 - 2020-08-19 201
Received text message "Hi! I'm in your area! Lookin to buy your house for cash! Email me for more info. 714362709"

Report for 1-2092554383 - 2020-08-19 209
Got a call from here today. Didn't recognize the number so I didnt pick up. Left a message. They actually said my name like they knew me, I cant recall saying that since I have my phone on silent and don;t pick up. Said something about my MAC, I dont have one. I am pretty sure its a scam trying to get my name.

Report for 1-4012343202 - 2020-08-19 401
Just call the number and all you get is a recording that will tell you to hang up

Report for 1-4153683681 - 2020-08-19 415
This has happen before with various numbers. They claim to be a charity or fundraising center and ask you to donate to them. I have not been on the Do Not Call list and I'm getting tired of the BS calls.

Report for 1-4078422010 - 2020-08-19 407
I received a call from 415-234-0709. A man with a strong Indian accent claimed to be from Microsoft. He claimed my computer had an error. I asked him to send me a letter so I could check it out. He said he could not do that, only a certified repairman could do that for free.I asked him to speak to the man so I could see who he really was. He would not so I hung up.The gentleman could have been a gentleman, but I would sure like to meet him and thoroughly train him in front of me.The whole thing just seemed too fishy to me, so I tried to look up more about the number on the internet.The number was listed as coming out of New York, New York

Report for 1-8453023038 - 2020-08-19 845
Left a message threatening to take proceedings to county court? Has to be a scam. No court in Oregon is open until 9 am

Report for 1-8630033280 - 2020-08-19 863
Had a number and name for me call them back, and I called them a recording telling me to wait for an operator....and the call ended....don't worry, it's just another of the phony calls trying to obtain information.

Report for 1-8129401623 - 2020-08-19 812
Same message for me, but didn't call back.

Report for 1-8476483173 - 2020-08-19 847
CallerID Name: UnassignedNumber to Cell Number: 312-625-6160On 4/15/15 @ 1:54 - 2:07pm, CID indicates 312-625-6160 Caller ID Name: UnassignedNumber to Cell Number: 312-625-6160 This marks the second call from this area code and prefix, the other is 312-625-5060, not far from the first. I'm not familiar with either number and don't recognize either area code.

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