Report for 1-7202972362 - 2020-08-14 720
Caller ID: Seattle WA. Message: Internal Revenue Service. Warning this is the IRS, you or your attorney need to call 206-800-0943. The person who called had an Eastern American accent.

Report for 1-8125757681 - 2020-08-14 812
Called twice in a week. I answered the first time and got a recording stating it was Jennifer with Google Plus, and they wanted to update my profile. I hung up at that point.

Report for 1-7192120111 - 2020-08-13 719
Received a call from them in Spanish. A recording. Not sure what this person wanted... I don't speak Spanish so I don't understand the message at all. I would definitely not waste my time.

Report for 1-2814043360 - 2020-08-13 281
I have no outstanding debt

Report for 1-3234868668 - 2020-08-13 323
Just now came through the phone and this # called me @ 9:23 am! What jerks!

Report for 1-9259849795 - 2020-08-12 925
They called my place of employment. Said i have two formal complaints against me and

Report for 1-6464526666 - 2020-08-10 646
IRS Scam, threatening message.

Report for 1-9194639680 - 2020-08-10 919
Got a call from them. Didn't answer. No message left.

Report for 1-2128030000 - 2020-08-10 212
Same here. Missed call on cell. I tried calling back, just received that a google voice subscriber was not available. Blah blah blah.

Report for 1-3607704825 - 2020-08-09 360
Called my mobile. No msg.

Report for 1-3362035167 - 2020-08-09 336
I also received a call from this number at 10:50am. Same scam, calling for someone I've never heard of. I am so sick and tired of these scammers. The fact that they still are doing the same thing is what really pisses me off.

Report for 1-9728155559 - 2020-08-09 972
Called cell. No message

Report for 1-3852133808 - 2020-08-09 385
Keep getting calls from this number

Report for 1-9736250692 - 2020-08-09 973
This number was actually identified on my credit card application as RBC Security and their call back number was a legitimate one. The scammer who called me then said they needed to talk to myself; which I did and they said I had a question about a family business. I immediately hung up. When they called again I answered, they acted like this was business-related as it was

Report for 1-5012226759 - 2020-08-09 501
They called and left a voice mail but the beginning of the message was cut off...

Report for 1-8136120631 - 2020-08-09 813
They left a message stating to avoid being summoned and papers being served at work or home they were not able to do it without his signature then the phone number gave this number and a file number. No identification came up on my caller id . . . . I will not be answering calls from this number

Report for 1-3466432510 - 2020-08-09 346
The number left a message saying the IRS is going to come to my home... what a scam.

Report for 1-4129698314 - 2020-08-09 412
Just called the number back and asked what kind of scam they are pulling. They hung up. SCAM!

Report for 1-9101050727 - 2020-08-08 910
I just received a call from this number this morning. I did not answer and they left no message.

Report for 1-7324797803 - 2020-08-08 732
Sending letters to your employer and asking for your bank account information for a payday loan you never received and asking too much trouble to get the money back. Report all suspicious or odd phone calls to <

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