Report for 1-9544850951 - 2020-06-10 954
Call my DNC-registered phone (on the Do Not call list). I didn't answer and there was not voice mail being left. Blocked!

Report for 1-6195814595 - 2020-06-10 619
I'm sorry, all I can say is that I don't really long as they don't call again.

Report for 1-7622243160 - 2020-06-10 762
I got the same thing, scam!

Report for 1-5012678918 - 2020-06-10 501
This is the 3rd call I have received from these guys! The first 2 were claiming that my computer is sending error messages and that an unauthorized charge has been made. The caller now claims to be calling about a new medical device that was purchased on my account and is now leaking drugs. I asked which of my accounts he was referring to. He said he didn't have that information. That I could call back if I had more. I decided this was a scam and hung up. Not long afterward received another call claiming to be from the "Microsoft" tech support department. When I told them I could only hear a recording so I was not to hang up, they just hung up. I decided to keep calling back to annoy them. They finally just picked up on the 3rd call. I told them that I was going to call my attorney general and he replied if I would please go

Report for 1-6789739397 - 2020-06-09 678
Got same robocall on cell phone

Report for 1-6314444200 - 2020-06-09 631
This is a Scam! Don't do it!They say they are from the IRS (IRS is scam), and they have a case against you. I called them and they had my name, address and phone number. I told them the first and last time that I was not the person they were looking for, and I have had this number for five years.

Report for 1-9037209810 - 2020-06-09 903
Caller ID said "unknown name". Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-4108205729 - 2020-06-09 410
Just got a call from this number. No message...

Report for 1-2026015810 - 2020-06-09 202
Tis from a scam to collect money for a non existent charity. This is not the way the real police work as there would be no need to have a fake caller ID with a 1 or 0 for a hotline. Its an effort to rip people off for money.

Report for 1-2104479651 - 2020-06-08 210
I just got a call from this number and have been on the do not call list since it's inception. I was not born yesterday and not born today. This number is being used as a scam. Why? This is a number that has been reported in the local papers as a scam because they asked if anyone here was interested in the "free service" that would be free by sending in a $49.99 application fee. I went ahead an gave in my info and asked what they would pay the application fee for.. The lady replied that she didn't know but then she "quickly" realized that she had to ask me for my full account number and my full social security number to get a credit card number of course.. The funny part is in the end it didn't even sound real.. I had a feeling it was fake and was going to be disappointed after I did what they asked.. That really messed me up since they already had my info.. That should be illegal and if it is considered "free service" to be told I'm supposed to sign up.. And they told me to get a credit card over the phone which is also against the law for sure.. I think this is a scam.. I didn't trust it either because it sounded so legit. However.. That was 5 years ago is my problem and I'm out.. I didn't think that would happen.

Report for 1-3022311374 - 2020-06-08 302
This number is calling about every 6 months. My voicemail always says "This is an important call for ***** and if you are not *****. Please hang up. You

Report for 1-9523738653 - 2020-06-08 952
called at 11:19 yesterday. called again. no response.

Report for 1-3124977654 - 2020-06-08 312
this phone number keep call my house. How can i stop the calls. this is harassment or abuse of the phone number.

Report for 1-2565331556 - 2020-06-08 256
Called three times today and called earlier from 412 569-4076 and then called from this number. I have not and will not return thier calls. The last call was blocked and I got to see their number on the caller ID I will not waste my time and energy reporting them to the BBB

Report for 1-4402341977 - 2020-06-08 440
I keep getting a call from them and when I answer nobody is there, if it is a bill collector, I think they are using the false phone number to get people to answer their phone.

Report for 1-9037904703 - 2020-06-08 903
Same thing...calling about a payday loan.

Report for 1-8173222075 - 2020-06-08 817
Scammers, claiming to be "IRS". Do not engage with these scammers. Call them back and tell them that the person that they are calling for does not live there.

Report for 1-4023300640 - 2020-06-08 402
The caller identified herself as calling from the Department of Legal Affairs and that they've received a legal petition notice and had received an order to complete an immediate administrative notice. She also said it was in reference to a tax fraud and criminal investigation with a tax fraud against me. She then asked if I needed any further information about the matter. I said I needed information in order to contact the taxpayer, as my tax returns, and she hung up on me. I called back the number and pressed 1 to speak to a person but I hung up when I heard "you are the one who called to begin with." The person answering the phone had a very heavy accent and I am unsure if he knew my name or had spoken with someone in my household on the phone at this time. It could not have been from a local number in the same area code, as it was a strange location where I had a neighbor who had the exact same area code as me.

Report for 1-8187028526 - 2020-06-08 818
It's a scam, they wanted my social and date of birth

Report for 1-2082094167 - 2020-06-08 208
I just got a call from that number it was a woman and she was saying something about social security and that I should call them back and so I just hung up.

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