Report for 1-6619202700 - 2020-07-29 661
Called back, got recorded message stating to press 2 if I do not want to receive calls from their company in the future. I pressed 2. We'll see if that works....

Report for 1-2053783896 - 2020-07-29 205
Received call today. Saying I had a crime from the IRS and had to pay. They gave me a case ID number and told me I was a person of interest. Asked me what was I going to do about it. I told the person who could see that the IRS would contact me by mail and not by phone. Told them that I have reported this call to the IRS and will also post this number on the web to warn others of this scam. I told them thank you and goodluck.

Report for 1-3602277543 - 2020-07-29 360
Caller said to return call at 877-215-2958 said was Dave Anderson and he was asking for donations to help veterans. Wanted a card number or bank account numbers and would call my home to verify donation by Friday after my donation came in.

Report for 1-3852170164 - 2020-07-29 385
Call ID was the phone number, no message.

Report for 1-5163649290 - 2020-07-29 516
Got a call from this number saying the same thing, same threats. I called my attorney and they were going to file a complain. I asked questions and they gave me "false" answers and hung up. I called back and a new woman answered asking me what had happened. I said I wasn't going to give any more info, she said that would have to go through their legal department and asked me what was the name of my attorney. Said my attorney had called and said I was a scammer.

Report for 1-3147230361 - 2020-07-29 314
Called and left the same message

Report for 1-9168212829 - 2020-07-29 916
this number just called my cell phone with no caller ID. It came up on the caller ID as unknown name and phone number. When I googled it, it was for an ad to sell a warranty. I went ahead an called it back and a robot said that I had a question for them and that I could listen to it

Report for 1-8127158528 - 2020-07-29 812
same thing happen to me.

Report for 1-2564524060 - 2020-07-29 256
Scam! The IRS will only mail you if you go into the nearest office. THEY will not call the outside of your home.

Report for 1-6465031978 - 2020-07-29 646
calls leaves no message

Report for 1-4696076714 - 2020-07-29 469
I do not answer calls from unknown numbers. No VM left.

Report for 1-2247880240 - 2020-07-29 224
They told me I was going to have a case against me for a debt i had from 2010! I asked for the proof and they kept saying they are an attorney and gave me no information so i just hung up

Report for 1-5015887607 - 2020-07-29 501
I received a phone call like this today. The voicemail stated... "We are suspending your social security number due to suspicious activity. Please call us back to rectify the situation. We called you because we noticed that your social has been shared with some people. If we did not receive any response from you,we would suspend your number with immediate response."

Report for 1-8189305238 - 2020-07-28 818
Claims to be IRS and that IRS has a lawsuit against me and for me to call this number. It's a scam. IRS will contact you by USPS only. Do not call back.

Report for 1-8605372233 - 2020-07-25 860
Called 6 times on sunday, no one there.

Report for 1-8055254520 - 2020-07-25 805
Says call is from "KWN". Blocked.

Report for 1-2402195012 - 2020-07-25 240
Caller ID showed: 613-789-4196 The phone rang but no answer...

Report for 1-8054841161 - 2020-07-25 805
Have gotten 4 calls from this number today alone and did not answer as it was an unknown number. Left no message

Report for 1-7864993741 - 2020-07-25 786
I get called from this number 3x daily. I never answer. I want this to stop

Report for 1-4133200300 - 2020-07-25 413
Just received same call that I'm in "big trouble" and a sheriff might be headed to the house to hand me papers. These people need to stop the harassment and scams.

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