Report for 1-5096731579 - 2020-03-27 509
You obviously have not read what you agreed to when you got that loan.

Report for 1-8635294611 - 2020-03-27 863
Called left no message

Report for 1-2028104092 - 2020-03-27 202
I keep on receiving the same recorded message that they are going to come serve me my papers. I need to call this number (855)-214-4123 because you have the wrong address! It's not a debt collecto but a phising for information. Do not give them any personal information.

Report for 1-7709538780 - 2020-03-27 770
Robocaller with message about a free system for my Verizon wireless account (which I don't have...).

Report for 1-7602318555 - 2020-03-27 760
Spanish. This is the fourth call today.

Report for 1-8603295006 - 2020-03-27 860
Same as everyone else. If you're going to threaten it's going to be from a computer. This should really be illegal.

Report for 1-5864631177 - 2020-03-27 586
I received the same call as everyone else. I asked several different times to speak to someone else, then I was transferred to another person, and she hung up. I then called back and talked to an actual man, told him who I was and what was I supposed to do to get my money. Of course he hung up on me. I called back again, and again and I asked him what it was about and what the catch was. He went into his speil and I asked why do I have to talk to somebody when he was clearly not in the US. He hung up. I called back about a dozen times until I got a voicemail.I have already called the federal trade commission and the attorney generals office. No clue what the catch is, I'm still trying to figure out just what kind of scam this is. It smells really bad!!!

Report for 1-7133869009 - 2020-03-27 713
Received 2 calls in last couple of days, never left a message. Now it's blocked.

Report for 1-2016279378 - 2020-03-27 201
Called my cell a few pm. No message left. I have a new cell phone, so it's not even on my plan yet so... No reason for me to be getting this call, which happens to be coming from Wisconsin.

Report for 1-5087860480 - 2020-03-27 508
This number just called me, I don't know a single Eric from the Netherlands so it goes to voicemail. It wasn't from the US, but was an Asian accent, he asked for me by my name and when I said who is this he hung up and when I searched it on google the phone number came up as a scam.

Report for 1-4402850410 - 2020-03-27 440
You guys should do what I did

Report for 1-3302860661 - 2020-03-27 330
Yes its a scam! They have been calling multiple times daily, when I try calling back to see who it was they won't give any more info

Report for 1-3472838183 - 2020-03-27 347
I just received this same call. It was a recorded message that my SS# has been used in illegal activity. The message said I should return the call or my "social" would be blocked.

Report for 1-5163364056 - 2020-03-27 516
Just called a few times in less than 10 minutes. Leaves no message. Call ID identifies it as a PA number. We get more telemarketer calls in the evenings than we do during the day.

Report for 1-3055033549 - 2020-03-27 305
Caller ID said "Tritium". Robot said my social security number was being used in Mexico & I should press 1 to speak with an investigator. No way......I'm not that stupid. I hung up. Obvious scam. So sick of these robocalls. I wish my phone company could reverse the charge on this scam phone call.

Report for 1-2404189530 - 2020-03-27 240
It's a scam. They ask for your home address and then start with questions about the way you live and then if you are selling. We are on the list and this has to stop and everyone needs to report this so these crooks do not prey on innocent homes.

Report for 1-2019183532 - 2020-03-27 201
Got a call from this number from someone claiming to be Mr. Anderson regarding a civil matter. I've had this type of called before, as soon as you call them they'll transfer you to an attorney or debt collector. This time, the woman even tried to make it sound like her call was legal documentation. I kept telling her that had some idea who they were, but she wouldn't provide it. She told me if I didn't want to speak with her or her attorney, to call a 845# and she would give it to me. I didn't even bother to block the number. Not to mention - there are rules concerning collection companies calling with "legal" threats. This is exactly what they want, nothing less, nothing less. If they have a case against you and want to collect then they'll have to send you documentation in the mail.

Report for 1-7705147643 - 2020-03-27 770
Same call today. Scam. Blocked this caller and called back to give them a piece of my mind about this nonsense. The person was clearly in a call

Report for 1-2532430042 - 2020-03-27 253
Well known criminal enterprise pretending to

Report for 1-9162341151 - 2020-03-27 916
This number belongs to some kind of scam call. They left a voice mail saying I was owed a large sum of money. If I had been called by these people I don't know what I would've done.

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