Report for 1-4346009480 - 2020-09-12 434
Caller ID showed "UBC", a known robocaller. Blocked number.

Report for 1-4076377708 - 2020-09-12 407
Same here.

Report for 1-9722333644 - 2020-09-12 972
Text me that this is the 2nd notice from T-Mobile and they asked me to call the number (1-817-766-0578)I looked at the internet and came across all this BS!

Report for 1-4120000000 - 2020-09-12 412
Caller said they were from the IRS and they were going to arrest me unless I returned their call.

Report for 1-4074237628 - 2020-09-12 407
Called left no msg. Another scammer

Report for 1-4807770331 - 2020-09-11 480
I got two calls, one on my cell and one on my work phone but no message left either time. The number belongs to Vevo, Inc, but no idea how to find out what their selling.

Report for 1-3602031041 - 2020-09-11 360
Called and said my social security was going to be suspended because of suspicious activity to press 1 for an officer. Scam

Report for 1-8015312531 - 2020-09-11 801
They called, I answered, they hung up after I said hello a couple of times. I then called 2 minutes later.

Report for 1-2145061105 - 2020-09-11 214
This caller ID said "Washington DC," whatever that means. I let the answering machine pick up, and they hung up.

Report for 1-7632198945 - 2020-09-11 763
They called my cell and home today. An automated message played, "This is an important message...." They didn't listen to

Report for 1-4107059968 - 2020-09-11 410
Call my friend about serving papers and want my address

Report for 1-9143399660 - 2020-09-11 914
i too am getting calls from this number. they do not answer and when you call back it either hangs up or says to text the number and they respond.

Report for 1-6102881579 - 2020-09-11 610
I keep getting calls from them as well on my cell. I've pressed "9" to stop calls from them..its the home security telemarketing. They will try to sell you a security system in the mail, etc. I reported them to the National Do Not Call Registry (https://www.

Report for 1-3012452434 - 2020-09-11 301
Called again this evening. I just BLOCKED this number after reading these posts. The DNC list won't do ANY good either.

Report for 1-6464526666 - 2020-09-11 646
Got a call from this number. They left no message

Report for 1-3867953285 - 2020-09-11 386
Called my cell, no message left. I don't know anyone in New Jersey. Must be spam.

Report for 1-4098775676 - 2020-09-10 409
I had received the same type of call as others, but I blocked it after reading the comments here.

Report for 1-9404332560 - 2020-09-10 940
Received a call from this company at work. Called the number back and left a message. They did not leave the name of the company, what the call was for, etc. I called the company number listed on their website, who said they would remove my number. Will see if this works.

Report for 1-3162025139 - 2020-09-10 316
Got a call and let it go to voice mail. They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-5034755148 - 2020-09-10 503
Just got a call from these people, I have to say thanks to Chris I did not say a word and hung up. I called back and was told by a woman this is a survey company and they are doing a one

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