Report for 1-2068233731 - 2020-03-27 206
Scammers just keep calling n never answer I call back and all I hear is music

Report for 1-8452666450 - 2020-03-27 845
Caller ID says "invalid number". I don't answer those callerid's that are invalid, especially on my cell. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST as well.

Report for 1-2019233477 - 2020-03-26 201
No message. Now blocked.

Report for 1-4435464158 - 2020-03-26 443
I recived a call this number. i did not know what it was, so i call it back, and it says press 1 to be put on the do not call list, then it hangs up. i do not want any more phone calles. what is this?

Report for 1-7132599562 - 2020-03-26 713
Received a call from 206 928 4353, but didn't answer it. If it was important, they would have left a message.

Report for 1-4849189948 - 2020-03-26 484
It is a scam. They called and said I was going to receive $250 in gift cards from Walmart or another store if I took a survey. When I asked his name he said it so fast that I couldn't understand it and continued to call me names when I questioned him about who he was. I have heard of this before and this sounds like the same exact thing. Do not fall for this scam.

Report for 1-9493361480 - 2020-03-26 949
They are spoofing a local number so they are not restricted by the Do Not Call List, so most likely it is non-existent, and so blocking the number isn't likely to help.

Report for 1-4809805629 - 2020-03-26 480
I work for a hospital as a medical/hospital nurse...and we get calls asking for some "Patients Name" "Patient ID" that may or may not be correct...they ask if you are there if you say no they hang up....this is a total harassment and is now starting to annoy me

Report for 1-6153639800 - 2020-03-26 615
Called my phone just now.. No message, just hung up on me. The call came from "Alton IL"

Report for 1-9736759290 - 2020-03-26 973
Just got the same scam.

Report for 1-8472607538 - 2020-03-26 847
Called. Left message "Hey, it's Rachel. I hope you didn't miss out on qualifying for lower rates and insurance...."I blocked.

Report for 1-7044631726 - 2020-03-26 704
This company has called me 2-5 times a day for about a month. They never leave a message. All they do is hang up and call back a second or second later. One time I finally answered and told them if they didn't take me off the call list I would file a harassment complaint. The woman on the other line said if I didn't want

Report for 1-4084172975 - 2020-03-26 408
No message, I did not answer, and I blocked them.

Report for 1-3016901208 - 2020-03-26 301
Calls, but I never pick up.

Report for 1-3138847345 - 2020-03-26 313
Call this a call back 866 304-1037. The number i get has a busy signal. He didn't ask for anyone by name or say what company he is from but the phone never ringed and then he said call back. Not sure what this scam is all about.

Report for 1-2027889321 - 2020-03-26 202
Just had a call from them..and the caller ID says unknown name-- they said the same thing they have a complaint against me and have them in court within one hour if I do not call them back to resolve this matter before further legal action is taken? Yeah I don't owe anybody one darn dime, unless they gave me personal information of course! I just want their number and address so I can have my local police department call each time they call! Scam!

Report for 1-2103201343 - 2020-03-26 210
Caller left no message. CID just said Los Angeles, CA.

Report for 1-4089071818 - 2020-03-26 408
Same thing here - caller ID showed the call coming from 800-423-9077 as the caller. They left no message on the answering machine.

Report for 1-7203075722 - 2020-03-26 720
Did you ever find out who they were? They have called several times saying they are with a credit corporation and wanted my address. I refused to give them my address. I feel it's a scam

Report for 1-9154706477 - 2020-03-26 915
Call from this number. Caller ID showed "unknown". They did not leave a message. I don't know anyone in Malibu, CA.

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