Report for 1-5032244556 - 2020-03-26 503
My husband just got this same call - I'm in the 805 area - so I answered. He sounded like it was something medical (I can hear them in background, like a call center?) and he gave me a code. Then I said I wasn't interested. He was like "I didn't call you!" So I said... I wasn't interested in getting Medicare or anything. He hung up.

Report for 1-4124420010 - 2020-03-26 412
Called, left message to call the above number back for some police donation scam. This is so annoying! They've called 3xs in the past 5 hours.

Report for 1-2019219981 - 2020-03-26 201
This number left a message. It was a recorded message from the Red cross telling me I made a mistake on what time it is on their record. I did not press any keys, just hung up.

Report for 1-5406421665 - 2020-03-26 540
This number belongs to

Report for 1-2053788646 - 2020-03-26 205
Unwanted calls

Report for 1-2816618672 - 2020-03-26 281
Got a call, didn't leave message. Don't care who it is, they're out my game.

Report for 1-8651025620 - 2020-03-26 865
Same here... I think I should report the phone number. I also blocked the number.

Report for 1-4012461301 - 2020-03-26 401
Called but left no message

Report for 1-9100521110 - 2020-03-25 910
Same thing just happened to me. They said my computer was infected. SCAM!

Report for 1-8316252974 - 2020-03-25 831
Same exact recorded message. Called the number just to see what would happen. First it was a recording asking me to dial 1 to leave a msg. Then a real person came on the phone who answered with "law enforcement department" I said that I didn't feel comfortable giving out my info to someone when I don't know who they are? The guy said I should have known better, it's a law agency and what law enforcement department? I said I'm not sure if this call IS being recorded and he got pretty rude, I said again I don't feel comfortable giving your info out on my voicemail because I have no idea who this might be, he said it's against the law to record my voicemail without verifying who I am. I said no one I do business with should be able to leave a threatening voicemail on my voicemail without verifying who I am. Is that not illegal? I said no then put me on hold just for a couple of minutes and then a real person comes on to ask for my name and SS# I told him I'm not giving you any of that information without being sure who you are. He said you have a good day and hung up. I then googled the number

Report for 1-9038307128 - 2020-03-25 903
Keep getting calls, caller id just says toll free call. It is a telemarketer.

Report for 1-4147971816 - 2020-03-25 414
Didn't bother answering

Report for 1-5188120361 - 2020-03-25 518
Got the same call yesterday. Tried to call back and got this recording saying my call failed because it was too late to connect

Report for 1-6789186722 - 2020-03-25 678
Received a call saying there was a debt collector trying to reach, wanted me to give out my phone number. Wanted my SS#

Report for 1-2133253204 - 2020-03-25 213
Caller ID said from Renton. He introduced himself as an HP technical support person and said he is calling from the Redmond and his number was 360-200-0993. He said he's with HP. I asked him for a phone number to call him back at and then I got the message "thank you".The caller was obviously a scammer!

Report for 1-8459371564 - 2020-03-25 845
Called me two days in a row. One of the calls was on a Sunday afternoon. The message indicated that a package they were trying to send was lost and it was in their process of being shipped out of country. The process was being done within Canada and for this reason they wanted me to contact and order some type of "other type of attorney". Not sure what that means yet, but as I have had this happen it is either a scam or a real legal matter for me.

Report for 1-3058901603 - 2020-03-25 305
Called to tell of a loan that never happened and i owed money to them. When i asked to speak with a manager she quickly hung up the phone on me. It's just a scam.

Report for 1-2186665909 - 2020-03-25 218
"Your social has been found on some crime, so if you want to know about it press1...." That's what I got to say to

Report for 1-2702624331 - 2020-03-25 270
Same msg as last. They have called me every few hours. They don't have any of my personal information so my guess is that they're a scammer

Report for 1-2103386557 - 2020-03-25 210
Called and left no message.

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