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229 is a phone number code designated for Georgia. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 229 include: Albany, Valdosta

Area 229 submissions

Report for 1-2292995055 - 2020-05-21
It's a scam number. They say that you have outstanding bills and threaten you with legal action.

Report for 1-2292313507 - 2020-05-20
Called cell & hung up. Blocked for good.

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2020-04-29
Got a call on home phone from this number. They left a partial robo message that said, "...last auditing will take place in the next 24 working hours. And once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment." Total scam, IRS will only notify you by official mail. Blocked the number to avoid more calls.

Report for 1-2292130315 - 2020-03-13
Said "Lakeside VA", I didn't answer,

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2020-01-10

Report for 1-2292130315 - 2019-12-23
I got the same letter in the mail saying the same thing as you guys stated, that the call was an "investigation." But it's not a real investigation. They claim to take you to court for $1,000 to $17,000. They also don't state who is suing you, the agency or purpose of the "investigation," or their right to be in contact with you.This is a big Scam and need to be reported to the local Attorney General Office, the Federal Trade Commission (who can prosecute these people), and the FBI.

Report for 1-2292428480 - 2019-12-14
Received a call from this number on a Saturday night. Said Beverly Hills on caller ID. I just hung up lol

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2019-09-23
this is a scam

Report for 1-2292130315 - 2019-05-03
Did they serve you with papers

Report for 1-2292428480 - 2019-03-12
Unrecognized number. Left no message. Blocked for the future

Report for 1-2292995055 - 2019-03-11
Same as other calls with garbled voice mail....I do not have a business

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2018-11-11
These people make me so mad!!! I told them to stop call if they wanted any information otherwise. I'm filing a complaint with the FCC about them!!! I even told them not to call back if they want information but I guess I can't do that since they keep calling me!!! I'm thinking of doing the same with these folks! I've blocked about 50 numbers on my phone and they still keep calling me!!! Please help! I'm filing a complaint now.

Report for 1-2292428480 - 2018-08-30
This number shows up on my phone as "Scam Likely", but they want to speak to who ever has the phone. They left a voicemail about being in customer care. I am so sick of these phone calls

Report for 1-2292313507 - 2018-08-06
Fake IRS scam. I have been called by this number every day for the past three days. Caller asks for my wife, by name. When I say she's not available they ask for her by name again and when I say she's not available, they call back in about 30 minutes.This is a total scam to have my husband answer their calls and tell them what to say to my wife. My wife is 85 years old! What a pain in the a$$$.

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2018-06-08
They called me, I did not answer and the voicemail was about me getting arrested. I blocked it.

Report for 1-2292130315 - 2018-05-14
I also received a voice mail to call the # (1-888-423-7859). I googled the # and found this site. I too called and it went to voice mail. They are in a rush, and their system had cut it off so they couldn't leave any information. I listened to the voice mail, and a woman identified herself as "Sharon" and said they were calling about my student loan.I do have one, for a student loan to be about $10,000. I looked through my files for the last couple of years and never had a student loan. She said her call was to remind me to call my student loan provider and provide my case#. I know it is a scam, because they are the very first 3 numbers of the case #. Also, I have been with one provider for years. The last caller refused to provide any information. He told me "no." I told him to call his provider and provide his case#--no. The only info he had was the phone number which was 1-888-746-4396.When I called, it also stated that they are currently closed. They asked for my case# (1), and I told them, no case# with them. There was no option to leave a message, so I simply hung up.It looked like a computerized phone call, but it sounded real. I will continue to check the phone numbers for scams.

Report for 1-2292313507 - 2018-04-28
Just got same scam call and message

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2017-11-16
Got the same voice mail

Report for 1-2292995055 - 2017-11-13
Called but left no message. Caller ID says San Antonio, Texas.

Report for 1-2292310358 - 2017-10-15
I got the same call on Saturday morning and they left a message saying there was a lawsuit against me. I called back and they said the name of the person they wanted to tell a envelope a lawsuit on was my name and when I said I have no idea