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281 is a phone number code designated for Texas. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 281 include: Alvin, Atascocita, Baytown, Channelview, Cloverleaf, Deer Park, Friendswood, South Houston, La Porte, League City, Mission Bend, Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, Rosenberg, Spring, Sugar Land, The Woodlands

Area 281 submissions

Report for 1-2814044363 - 2020-10-31
Calls everyday (sometimes more than once a day) at the same time. Leaves a blank message. I've answered a couple times and was told it was "Business Loan Center". I have no business with anyone and am on the DNC list. Very annoying especially since they call on my cell phone. I called back the # and got a voice mail.

Report for 1-2812010765 - 2020-10-05
Called at 8:18am,

Report for 1-2812010765 - 2020-09-29
Scammer. Block.

Report for 1-2813500719 - 2020-09-22
A robot voice threatening you to resolve a debt. It is a scam

Report for 1-2814043360 - 2020-09-12
Got the same call as other's have received. The number was 360-637-4129. The message they left is exactly the same as the others above have reported. I did file a complaint with the FTC as well as my local police. Anyone who gets this message should do the same.

Report for 1-2818526980 - 2020-08-30
Called my cell. I did not answer and they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-2818024638 - 2020-08-21
These guys called me and left a message. They used my maiden name of 11 years ago. I don't have any outstanding bills so it is obviously a scam.

Report for 1-2814043360 - 2020-08-14
They have been calling 3 or 4 times a day for MONTHS! I've finally picked up and asked them to remove me and that I am not interested in continuing education!! I guess I'll just have to wait and see if they actually do and if it stops the calls!!

Report for 1-2814043360 - 2020-08-13
I have no outstanding debt

Report for 1-2817695442 - 2020-07-15
SCAM! I've blocked the number.

Report for 1-2812010765 - 2020-07-10
Called my cell phone at 9:35pm last night.....left no message.....I did not answer.

Report for 1-2818407714 - 2020-06-26
Recieved call from this number but did not answer. Tried calling back using *67 and it is an "out of service" tone then immediately hangs up.

Report for 1-2814045615 - 2020-06-25
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-2816165936 - 2020-06-24
Scammers called my house looking for another member of my family and was telling me about some legal papers and if I dont give them the person wont be served and if I would like to settle this matter out of court my response was "ICE" then hung up.

Report for 1-2818024638 - 2020-06-18
They told me I had a warrant issued for my arrest over tax issues that I never had to begin with if I didn't pay $3,500. They even let me know that I would be served with the papers once these things were submitted to the sheriff department. They told me to ask for Mike Anderson, a police chief. When I asked who was my case contact officer they hung up. They've called at least a hundred times in the last six month's.

Report for 1-2813429314 - 2020-05-27
No caller ID, so I didn't answer. The Caller ID said UNKNOWN CALLER. I see others have said it's for "Windows". I can't figure out how they could have called my phone and not also my landline. Maybe they did have my Windows ID - who knows.

Report for 1-2817434740 - 2020-05-21
I am calling this number to see what company it is and to know where she is in her little scheme at she can be arrested. That is the only way for everyone to know where the money she scam of us she is making money from...

Report for 1-2818270092 - 2020-04-30

Report for 1-2814170680 - 2020-03-31
They called today, and I answered, and they hung up on me. I tried to call them back, but every time it says it is not a working number. I don't know who is behind this, but I did a search on the number. This is the first I've heard of this, it's also what showed up on my phone as "Pace Home Security".

Report for 1-2816618672 - 2020-03-26
Got a call, didn't leave message. Don't care who it is, they're out my game.

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