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302 is a phone number code designated for Delaware. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 302 include: Dover, Newark, Wilmington

Area 302 submissions

Report for 1-3022312513 - 2020-09-22
I got one too and the only thing that sounded like a recording was saying hello after about 20 seconds, so if I did call back it would ask me if I wanted to leave a voicemail. I tried twice, finally someone answered and said if I would like to leave a voicemail, then hung up.

Report for 1-3022020747 - 2020-09-18
These people will call your phone everyday, sometimes twice a day. My husband and I answered our phones today and the very rude lady told us that they would stop calling if we signed up for a credit card offer but when the offer was made, my husband tried to tell the rep that we were not interested and her tone changed and she was not interested and hung up! I called a second time and a "manager" named Kevin answered and was very rude when my husband told him that we were not interested and hung up again!!! We need to report this harassment so I can get the company's address and sue them! I also need information about how to Block calls on a Landline Phone that I am considering getting one of those cheap Digital Teleconfirmatory! Thanks!

Report for 1-3022020747 - 2020-08-26
They won't give up . They just change the number and try to harass when they're informed that the number is being traced.

Report for 1-3022312513 - 2020-08-17
Got a similar message that this is not a solicitation call and this is an important message do not ignore this this is not a solicitation call. I called the # back. They said they were the "Fraud Department" of the US bank. I asked where this fraud department was located. They said California. I then asked for a website. Her said they weren't interested in that info. I said excuse me but are you a scam. She said "NO" and I said then don't call me anymore.

Report for 1-3029569114 - 2020-06-20
I answered and no one was on

Report for 1-3022311045 - 2020-06-11
This number is calling my cell phone and left a message stating they were the IRS and there is a lawsuit against me

Report for 1-3022311374 - 2020-06-08
This number is calling about every 6 months. My voicemail always says "This is an important call for ***** and if you are not *****. Please hang up. You

Report for 1-3022311374 - 2020-05-31
I recieved a call from "David Williams" and a "Mark Taylor" said that they will sue me if I didn't pay them $3000.00 in 6-7days. If they want to sue me they better be prepared for a long fight! The other number I googled was 877-814-9155 a Dave Willcox that had all my info also. This Dave Williams gave me the number 315-929-7126. The last Dave was really scary when he told me that I would soon be arrested and he also claimed that this money would be taken by a local sherrif for my 'crime'. I am reporting this to the authorities and the police.

Report for 1-3023084250 - 2020-05-20
Answered it because it was an area code I know. When I said "Hello" after a long pause, there was no response. Just dead air, and the line went dead. I have stopped answering numbers with an area code I know, or that don't leave voicemails. I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-3026523861 - 2020-04-30
Got a call on my cell from the number. It was a recording telling me I had a giftcard waiting for me. When a woman came on the line with a British accent, I said 'This is a fraud, goodbye" She quickly asked 'Am I speaking to a man or a woman?", I said no, she was polite and said 'There's nothing to be worried about' and hung up.

Report for 1-3025264137 - 2020-04-26
Same scam message as above..

Report for 1-3025264137 - 2020-04-11
Called here yesterday after 9pm and again this afternoon, left no message. My sister lives in the area and she's pissed! We blocked the number when they call and now she's in a no-man's land as well.

Report for 1-3029569114 - 2020-03-03
Unwanted call

Report for 1-3022314179 - 2020-03-02
Another unwanted call from this company

Report for 1-3022339172 - 2020-02-28
Got the same call today (9 Jan 2014) from 206-462-5290 claiming he was with the IRS investigation unit and there was a problem with my tax return. I then asked if he

Report for 1-3022311374 - 2020-02-27
These scammers just used a private number and called. I answered thinking it was a friend calling from a "local" area code. My friend is not in that area, so I thought it must have been a wrong #. They said I owed money to a payday loan from

Report for 1-3027784222 - 2020-02-05
Voicemail left:Hi This call is from Microsoft help center we encountered a serious issue coming out of your computer. It seems to be someone is trying to hijack your identity and try to do illegal things with your financial information. If it's not fixed right away then your computer will become obsolete and all of your credential information may got compromised. If you are the one who is using Microsoft windows in your computer then please call 520-224-0365 or press one now to speak with security team now. Please ignore it if we called you by mistake. Thanks.

Report for 1-3026523861 - 2020-01-30
I am getting this annoying phone call I pick up and they hang up. I want to report this number but do not want to call it and block it as it could be traced. They say it is urgent, but when I try to call it back it says that the number no longer exists. I tried reporting it as a crime and they say they do NOT have a reporting service.

Report for 1-3022311374 - 2020-01-28
What a scam! His name was David James.

Report for 1-3029569114 - 2020-01-19
Same thing here. They've called twice and left voicemails.

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