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330 is a phone number code designated for Ohio. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 330 include: Akron, Alliance, Austintown, Barberton, Boardman, Brunswick, North Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, Hudson, Kent, Massillon, Medina, Niles, Stow, Warren, Wooster, Youngstown

Area 330 submissions

Report for 1-3304799019 - 2019-12-02
call from unknown number with no ID, no message

Report for 1-3305403004 - 2019-12-01
I also got a call from this number, didn't answer it. As expected this idiot left a message, but I could barely hear the first part as it was probably a message, then the recording started over. I'm guessing this is a SCAM from what other people have posted for this #. I blocked them.

Report for 1-3302345056 - 2019-11-30
They call several times a day! I do not answer calls if I don't knows who is calling.

Report for 1-3303747900 - 2019-10-27
called and didn't leave a message. probably scammer

Report for 1-3302226948 - 2019-10-27
they called my brother and myself with the same threats and threats on what they are going to do.i just told them to go ahead a serve me and i would personally go get them.do not trust them

Report for 1-3302364693 - 2019-10-23

Report for 1-3304700208 - 2019-10-17
Same here - "movs@usps.com/(movs@usps.com)? Call us at +1 (814) 424-6019

Report for 1-3302226948 - 2019-10-07

Report for 1-3302364693 - 2019-09-30
Called my phone while I was at work, didn't answer. Left no message . This number is blocked . Thank you very much for the reports about this

Report for 1-3306739501 - 2019-09-14
This is the latest variation, and in my area, it's all the numbers from the 718, 912, 913, 202, and so forth. They have been reported by several others and do NOT stop. The FCC is worthless, so we are in violation of the law to call them back. It may or may not do any good. The best thing to do is to tell them to put us on the Do Not Call List at the Federal and MO Attorney Generals websites. The FCC can't do a thing to stop them, and in Missouri they have no legal say so at the moment. My calls come in from all of the above area codes and the list grew when I sent a "do not hang up" email. The numbers can all be called back like this one, but when I did the number came up on the screen as "not fixed with proper extension", and when I pressed 0, it gave a message that just asked the caller if they wanted to put us on the do not call list.

Report for 1-3303747900 - 2019-09-08
they called me from a local number and when i called them back they had someone who sounded asian answer the phone

Report for 1-3304799019 - 2019-09-05
It's a scam. This is NOT a sales call. They are not interested in your

Report for 1-3304700208 - 2019-08-15
Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3306739501 - 2019-07-25
No id left on vm

Report for 1-3305403004 - 2019-07-03
This number has been calling me every day for about 2-3 weeks at LEAST! Its basically a recorded voice saying that I have a problem with one of my credit cards they want to help me with this credit card payment situation, or something like that. I know this is obviously a fraud call so im pretty pissed! But I'm even more irritated that they call all the time. Its really pissing me off! Any suggestions how to handle this? I need to understand how I can stop this? This is really annoying.

Report for 1-3306739501 - 2019-06-27
Caller ID said Out of Area but the robo dialer hung up before a real person.

Report for 1-3304700208 - 2019-06-07
A man called me today and I couldn't hear what he said. So I called the number back and the man that answered the phone hung up, when I told him I had call showing his phone number. Don't be fooled people. I did call Microsoft at the number they want to be blocked from. They said that they do not call customers.

Report for 1-3307809132 - 2019-05-17
I get a hang up on my call display when I call back. When I answer they hang up. I would think the hang up on the call display would stop this number from calling and leaving a blank voicemail, but alas the caller ID shows this number.

Report for 1-3302364693 - 2019-05-05
Yes a scam, but also annoying. They will call constantly. What happened to the do not call list?

Report for 1-3302226948 - 2019-05-01
Calls but don't say anything.

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