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401 is a phone number code designated for Rhode Island. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 401 include: Bristol, Cranston, East Providence, Newport East, North Providence, Pawtucket, Providence, West Warwick, West Warwick, Woonsocket

Area 401 submissions

Report for 1-4012343202 - 2020-08-19
Just call the number and all you get is a recording that will tell you to hang up

Report for 1-4012343202 - 2020-07-18
Saying they are IRS

Report for 1-4013133433 - 2020-06-13
I'm getting the same calls no message, can't call back...

Report for 1-4013311221 - 2020-05-28
I don't think so, but did give them my number and asked for a manager. They said they were calling about a magazine subscription. No way. They must be selling our numbers to a magazine company.

Report for 1-4016422065 - 2020-05-24
I got a call from this number, which I think is a scam, I answered and they immediately hung up after I said hello three times. I called back and their message said the survey is now closed and to enter my phone number for their do not call list.

Report for 1-4012343202 - 2020-05-02
came up with "winnipeg mo" in ID. asked who it was, and they hung up. I'm in the Greater Winnipeg area.

Report for 1-4015694448 - 2020-04-28
Left a voice mail saying, "I've a message for you . . . [holds up a photo of the company] . . . . [blah, blah, blah] . . . this is a time sensitive issue,please call back". It's a spam that has been blocked.

Report for 1-4012461301 - 2020-03-26
Called but left no message

Report for 1-4012597161 - 2020-03-23
Same here got the text "This is for a credit card debt. If you owe $$$$ please call us." I'm guessing that if you call you'll ask for your info so they can "upgrade" your credit card. Don't think they'd tell you that in their text. I haven't had any credit cards since 2001. I know that if I owe something I am going to have someone to call and get some info. These guys are idiots.

Report for 1-4018592172 - 2020-02-06
These guys are scammers....They call everyday and hang up. I called back asking them to remove my number and they hung up on me. I have been reporting them to the feds.

Report for 1-4012733538 - 2020-01-18
I received two calls one at 11:22 am and the other at 2:45 pm. Both were blocked by my cell. Thanks to all who reported these numbers!

Report for 1-4013311221 - 2020-01-05
They just called me at 6:30am. What are the chances of my phone ringing at that hour? LOL

Report for 1-4012566862 - 2020-01-02
Calls my cell number and tells I have legal allegations against my social security. I have no legal obligations.

Report for 1-4012597161 - 2019-12-25
Just got a call, no message left....

Report for 1-4012566862 - 2019-12-18
Called my cellphone. Left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-4012566862 - 2019-11-26
Keeps calling my cell phone with no message. They also use 1-303-872-1951

Report for 1-4012566862 - 2019-11-21
Just like the other reports - got a call from them, I picked up but noone on the other end.

Report for 1-4012818150 - 2019-11-10
I got a voicemail message this morning stating it was the IRS. They are very threatening

Report for 1-4013133433 - 2019-10-20
They called, I answered and they immediately hung up.

Report for 1-4016422065 - 2019-09-30
They call me and the phone hangs up before I can answer..

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