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424 is a phone number code designated for California. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 424 include: Beverly Hills, West Carson, Culver City, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lennox, Lomita, Lynwood, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Torrance, West Carson

Area 424 submissions

Report for 1-4242734600 - 2020-02-12
So I can assure you, that they are not a legitimate business that operates in the U.S. You have never had any contact or dealings with one of these people. DO NOT give them any info. DO NOT confirm any info. DO NOT call back.

Report for 1-4243345281 - 2020-01-29
I got a phone call from this number. The name that came up in caller I'd was "Tyson". They have called my phone twice, once yesterday and again today (12/4/2016) while I was at work. I will report them now.

Report for 1-4242734600 - 2019-09-07

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2019-08-21
This number is calling me at 8:30 in the morning and it is driving me crazy i do not know who these people are i want it to stop

Report for 1-4243345281 - 2019-07-25
They said i had been chosen for a $14,000 grant that I could do with the government. I have to call another number and ask for more info, etc. I called and asked to be removed from their list and the guy got rude with me (Indian accent) when I told him I'd need more info before I could receive $4K in grants. He said no, please do not contact me further and that I would be arrested or something. Total Scam.

Report for 1-4242734600 - 2019-06-02
This number called my cell. I am on the do not call list. When are these jacks-n-lass gonna learn that the phone companies have a problem with these people calling you and selling to you...this is rediculous. I am getting calls all day every day from all kinds of unknown numbers. How many times a day are they going to stop....???

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2019-04-25
Got 6 calls on cell yesterday, 2 so far today. Called back today, received recording that it's the campaign HQ and they will call back tomorrow.

Report for 1-4243140080 - 2019-03-08
Same. I did not answer or call back because the number was not familiar. They left a message about lowering interest rates.

Report for 1-4243345281 - 2018-12-25
Keep calling no message

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2018-11-23
Called my work number. No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-4243140080 - 2018-09-09
I keep getting these calls - I have no idea who it is or why they keep calling! - I'm on the do not call list - what is the deal here?

Report for 1-4243140080 - 2018-07-16
We have had numerous calls from this number saying there was something wrong with our SSN. I knew it was a scam, so I've been going over their messages with my husband. They keep calling from different numbers, all of them are recorded in my husbands cell. I tell them you called me, I want you to tell me who you are and why you want to call me. They always say the same thing, they have to verify me. They said they were the Dept. of Legal Services in a voice mail but the number they called from was completely different. I finally got them to tell me there was a lawsuit filed but we needed to settle it before it went to court, I told them I'm reporting them, the first lady hung up on me but when I called the second time, she told me the exact same story. I told her that I knew it was a scam and she got

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2018-07-09
Just called this morning. I don't normally answer unrecognized calls but I was expecting another call. No message left so it's obviously a spammer.

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2018-06-28
This is getting ridiculous!!! 2 calls back to back - did not answer and no message left. Will block

Report for 1-4243345281 - 2018-05-09
I keep getting these calls from these people stating that their going to file paperwork through the county courthouse and that I will also be having charges brought to me. They never give a company name and the are very rude!

Report for 1-4242725919 - 2018-03-17
Got this message from Google Voice just a moment ago. Don't know who this is, but I'm blocking the number from my Android phone (that I share with my friends and family), because if it is Google, they can get into my Google Voice account and use my phone number for whoever, and that is illegal for other people. It is blocked on my phone and Google Voice doesn't have it and can't block it from my phone. They can only call my phone (that I share with my friends and family). I will report it on this site.

Report for 1-4243140080 - 2018-02-09
Just received a phone call from this number as well, they hung up as soon as I said hello.

Report for 1-4242734600 - 2018-01-24
Got a call from 909-252-0717 and the phone number was 615-923-0371 and the voice recording said you got a new Medicare card

Report for 1-4243345281 - 2018-01-13
I had the call from Mrs.Richards on 3/19/08 she left 2 messages stating if i did not respond i would be served a subpoena.....i called them back and an woman by the name of Michelle Wood from the company i owed was very rude...i went to the attny generals office to file a complaint. if this number calls you i suggest you do as well and also tell them to contact your attorney general's office

Report for 1-4243140080 - 2017-10-31
Unknown number. Did not pick up. No VM.