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516 is a phone number code designated for New York. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 516 include: Baldwin, East Meadow, Elmont, Franklin Square, Freeport, Garden City, Glen Cove, West Hempstead, Hicksville, Levittown, Long Beach, North Massapequa, North Merrick, North Bellmore, Oceanside, Plainview, Rockville Centre, Uniondale, Valley Stream

Area 516 submissions

Report for 1-5160004963 - 2020-02-14
Just got an automated call from this number. A computerized message said someone on my Apple acct has been trying to steal my info, the apple and comcast store have reports that my I-Cloud was being attacked & to call them. Of course im an idiot, called the number & it was a voice mail from some indian guy with a heavy accent that said my call was "expired after that you will be taken to court" etc. etc. Don't know how he knew, I have no apple accts, and no calls from there. SCAM!!!

Report for 1-5169322695 - 2020-02-05
Called, left no message. Don't pick up.

Report for 1-5165792000 - 2020-02-01
Called and left no message. Didn't recognize the number and blocked it.

Report for 1-5168720593 - 2020-01-31
They called but left no message and they've called again today.

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2020-01-15
I received this call before, but I

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2020-01-08
Same robo call as everyone else has had. Called twice on Sunday.

Report for 1-5163368408 - 2019-12-24
Same here.

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2019-12-23
This is a scam from India or Pakistan which has either moved to the United States or is using local numbers to scam people. Do not give them any info, do not call them back. Get any paperwork, check your credit reports, report them to law enforcement.

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2019-10-30
I received a phone call from this number on my cell phone. It shows as US GOOGLE. They left a message saying to google this number because they are trying to deliver a fax. They did not reference who they are in the message, but they said they were from Google, etc., etc. The message did not sound legitimate. I reported that call to Google and will start a fraud check. I live on the west coast.

Report for 1-5165792000 - 2019-08-11
I get these annoying calls at least 3 times a day from this number. Sometimes I do not

Report for 1-5163526151 - 2019-08-07
I got a call from this number and they did leave a messege. I was told I will be receiving $9000.00 on the next 4 months, but it has to be done by December 22, 2015! I told them to mail me any thing they have, the only thing they had was my cell phone number and address. I asked how can they have my cell number if it's not even connected to anything. I asked for a supervisor. They hung up.

Report for 1-5163368408 - 2019-07-13
Caller ID shows "SARL" Caller left no message. Have called before using a different number.

Report for 1-5163368408 - 2019-06-06
This # called 2-3 times every morning. They finally

Report for 1-5163820708 - 2019-05-20
This # keep calling me everyday, I don't answer it. but it is very annoying that this people are so rude

Report for 1-5163526151 - 2019-04-29
Got this call today

Report for 1-5160004963 - 2019-04-19
Received a call saying it was a law firm but would not say what it was regarding

Report for 1-5168720593 - 2019-03-25
i received call today from 651 319 5122 and it was a message to call back... did not call back. but called on two occasions...they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-5168720593 - 2019-03-01
Just got it too. Just as everyone else. Same exact info. I will not call back. I would imagine that IRS will never call you they only send you a certified letter in the mail.

Report for 1-5165792000 - 2019-02-28
Got the phone call today about the rate interest on all my credit cards is going to be reduced to 2.9% on all my cc's I was like what is this about and she was like oh we'll just give you a statement and my name was Sharon and then the last four of my Credit card were and when I asked what does that mean because they didn't tell me anything I was like oh it's a new bank that has just opened that is going to be 2.9% this is a fraud number and I hope someone do something about the whole thing

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2019-01-26
I would like to know that as well too, because they called my ex-husband as well.

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