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850 is a phone number code designated for Florida. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 850 include: Bellview, Brent, Ferry Pass, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, West Pensacola, Tallahassee, West Pensacola, Wright

Area 850 submissions

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-10-11
I was called today, same caller, and case number. I called back the number she provided (844) 483-7608 , it was to my business that they couldn't take my call. She wouldn't do the same for me though because I was very rude to her.

Report for 1-8503085056 - 2020-09-08
I've been called for months, at various times--day, night, early AM, late PM--from this and another number with Chicago area codes.I've repeatedly tried to report them to the National Do Not Call Registry, but get nothing changed except a recording saying that the number has been reported.

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-07-29
Called and didn't leave a message

Report for 1-8503085056 - 2020-07-08
They said my name and said I need to call them before they take legal action.

Report for 1-8503085056 - 2020-06-25
They called me today, I did not answer

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-06-04
They told me I would be arrested. I reported them to the police and also to FTC.

Report for 1-8503085056 - 2020-05-19
I got a message from this same number today at 12:35 pm. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Report for 1-8504389566 - 2020-04-14
I just got a call from them too. This number is a scam.

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-02-15
Same as everyone else. Got some woman that talked about a fax order for a debt that I have never heard of. Gave me another number to call and a case number. I know that there are payday loan companies that collect debts and even if they are legit, I paid one of them 3 months ago and am sure that I will still be getting some type of paycheck at some point in the future if that is the case. So I have to assume this is one of those payday loan companies and I've known for at least 1 1/2 yrs that they can take legal action to collect a debt. This company is an absolute joke!

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-02-01
This number appeared in my caller ID and I never answer numbers I don't recognize. When would a call get through so that would tell me whether this was legitimate or not. I didn't answer and let them go to the message but no message was left. Very suspicious.

Report for 1-8509825845 - 2020-01-28
Same here...robotic voice about a lawsuit and a warrant for my arrest.

Report for 1-8504389566 - 2020-01-24
Answered call and no response from caller. I said 'hello' multiple times.

Report for 1-8500075000 - 2019-12-15
Calls several times but leaves no message, most likely another scammer with fake number and trying to see if anyone answers

Report for 1-8503187074 - 2019-11-29
We got a phone call today to say is was an urgent message from the IRS for me and I was going to be arrested... I've always been told that the first thing I do when an IRS representative calls is call them back on the number they give me... This is a SCAM..... I am reporting this to the police

Report for 1-8504389566 - 2019-11-11
They never leave a message either. When I do answer, no one replies, just dead static.

Report for 1-8503178065 - 2019-10-31
I just received a call from this number on my cell number, I never give out my cell number so it went straight to voicemail. The message that was left was "we want to make sure that we have the right number for you when you call your call is being recorded by a member of our security team it is very important you call us back this is not a sales call please hang up." I am not calling them back, it sounded like a recording, so I am not going to either cause they are obviously trying to scam me. Have no clue what it is for so I will just block the number.

Report for 1-8503178065 - 2019-10-23
I receive daily phone calls from this number saying to call regarding unpaid loan. I will call back and harass them if they call again. I'm going to write them up for harassment now. I'm sure it's a scam

Report for 1-8503178065 - 2019-09-09
I just received the same message. When I started asking questions he became very rude. Please be aware if you receive this call do not send them any money. They are scammers.

Report for 1-8504534484 - 2019-09-09
Just called me at 8:00am on a Saturday. Said, "Hello are you there?" I said, "Is [***] really that important?" No response. Hung up.

Report for 1-8504389566 - 2019-08-26
Just got a call from this number and said I was approved for $5000.00. The catch was that I only needed to pay them $200.00 to have it mailed to me. When I asked them to provide me verification that they were a legitimate co. I was told that I could go on line and look them up on the federal agency. Then I was told that there was a phone number to dial 1 to leave my name, number and confirmation number that would be given to the person making the offer. I didn't give him any of my information...