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863 is a phone number code designated for Florida. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 863 include: Lakeland, Winter Haven

Area 863 submissions

Report for 1-8632470549 - 2020-02-14
Called my cell phone 4 times yesterday and once today - and does not leave a message. Called back, number disconnected.

Report for 1-8632950052 - 2020-02-08
Same thing here, "Joanie" just called saying I have won a gift-a-way, press 1, etc.. SCAM!!!!!

Report for 1-8632250197 - 2020-02-06
This number showed I had been called by it too

Report for 1-8636133319 - 2020-02-03
Just got a call from this number. I answered and the caller didn't say anything so I hung up.

Report for 1-8632509740 - 2019-12-02
The message said they were selling a home security system. Scam!

Report for 1-8634311495 - 2019-11-28
They have called me several times stating they had a judgement against me or something. I explained that a personal business matter is not in writing. I asked for a supervisor and they hung up? I called back and a man answered and my number was hung up on as well. How do I get rid of them from calling me? I don't even have a US Bank account

Report for 1-8636133319 - 2019-11-06
Same thing happened to me yesterday. They called but nobody was there and call disconnected.

Report for 1-8636237912 - 2019-10-29
They called about a claim being made against me and for me to call back their office. SCAMMERS

Report for 1-8632509740 - 2019-10-19
I answered, and it was a recorded message that said nothing. If you call that number, you'll get a human on the line, who wants to "give free stuff" for a one time purchase, like a vacation or subscription to a magazine. The recording didn't tell me why they were calling or anything.

Report for 1-8632250197 - 2019-09-23
Just got a call - no message left. Saw that it is another scammer since I read the notes from the others.

Report for 1-8632662673 - 2019-08-24
I have recieved at least 4 calls from this number. This morning they asked for someone who does not live with me and then I asked to have my number removed! What kind of business is this? The guy said "ok fine" and hung up! When I tried to call the number back was not taking calls at that time.

Report for 1-8632908000 - 2019-08-09
I get these same calls from different numbers everyday. I know its a scam so don't answer it, but they keep on calling.

Report for 1-8632037799 - 2019-07-08
I had the same message. Says it is the IRS and I owe money.

Report for 1-8632662673 - 2019-06-02
I got a call today saying my social security number is going to be suspended because of fraudulent activity. My Social Security # will be suspended due to fraud activity to call back. I know that this is a scam do not call it back.

Report for 1-8632662673 - 2019-05-18
Caller ID "Wireless caller". The scammers are calling a line that is not assigned to a business.

Report for 1-8632037799 - 2019-05-14
Call about my name and social security

Report for 1-8632250197 - 2019-05-11
Called my business, hung up when I answered

Report for 1-8632662673 - 2019-04-19
They have the same calls every 3 days or so. No voicemail. Called them back. They want to sell insurance

Report for 1-8632470010 - 2019-04-05
This is a company called "Local Media". Google search reveals it is located in Florida and they call numbers on the Do Not Call list.

Report for 1-8632470010 - 2019-03-31
Keeps calling.

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