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909 is a phone number code designated for California. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in area code 909 include: Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Colton, Diamond Bar, Fontana, Highland, La Verne, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Rialto, San Bernardino, San Dimas, Upland, Yucaipa

Area 909 submissions

Report for 1-9099827830 - 2020-10-29
Received a call from a blocked number. A man stated that they would come to my house or job. Need for more info about the person they were calling for. I gave them nothing but my name. He started to ask for personal information, but quickly hung up. The other comment I have read is to not send any money. I have blocked the number from my phone.

Report for 1-9093166195 - 2020-08-29
They call daily, no message. Very annoying.

Report for 1-9092617171 - 2020-06-26
They left a message that was blank but something about calling them back at the same number and that's it???

Report for 1-9092617171 - 2020-06-11
These people called me telling they had case file against me. SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-9093166195 - 2020-05-27
called me 8 times back to back

Report for 1-9096222808 - 2020-04-26
Rang to voice mail and left no message. My caller ID showed "Out of Area", I don't know anybody in that area code and no message was left so it's not a legitimate caller.

Report for 1-9094732720 - 2020-04-17
These people called my cell phone today saying I qualified for a $10,400 grant, a $9200 grant with a $9200 refund. The lady that called said she was from US National Grant Office in DC.I asked where she was from, she told me California. I said how come you can't take the DC phone number you gave me and put the lady I know on the line. She hung up.I called the number back. I went through the same exact speech with an Indian guy telling me all my money was going towards the federal government but he could see I was on the federal do not call list. I said I need more information and he hung up.

Report for 1-9094702565 - 2020-04-14
Got a text as well from a "chris" at work about an item I was selling. It was about an item I had posted but I was selling something else before then. Just said call back at this number I did not do that

Report for 1-9094732720 - 2020-04-02
I have received calls for over a month from this number. They never say anything. I've been told these same comments from other numbers, so what good is the Do Not

Report for 1-9091901192 - 2020-03-24
I agree with you. This has to be some sort a spam/scam caller.

Report for 1-9099827830 - 2020-03-20
Caller was extremely rude and would not allow me to speak with anyone at this number.

Report for 1-9093166195 - 2020-03-02
Called back on one of my phones and their outgoing message is that "You have reached a disconnected number". Scammers. Block it. Good luck !

Report for 1-9099135188 - 2020-02-28
Caller is not in the US, they are in India. Don't pick up, don't give info, if you fall for their scams they will have your info and steal your identity. Report this number and you are telling them to go to hell

Report for 1-9091651225 - 2020-02-26
The same thing just happened to me.

Report for 1-9099110001 - 2020-02-23
Another of the dozens of "debt consolidation" scams. Block if youcan and ignore.

Report for 1-9093598185 - 2020-01-27
These people have called a few times and are now calling a few times every hour! This time the man said his name was "Kevin Martin"

Report for 1-9097388664 - 2020-01-11
This is for sure a scam that is going on, the guy was very rude, they said they can't keep their promises for the money they want, I let them know why they are so intent on getting their money they should be stopped, please if you want to donate to cancer or someone in need don't by a scam!

Report for 1-9098238822 - 2020-01-09
They called and left no message. I don't answer if I don't recognize the number.

Report for 1-9099827830 - 2019-12-27
This is an automated call saying that this company and that they are calling to advise me of a claim. They have called my phone a few thousand times. Each time I blocked them and now they are calling from a different blocked number. I will continue to block every number from this company and it will all end.

Report for 1-9093166195 - 2019-12-22
They just called, no message

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