1 (202) 888-2315

Cell Phone or Landline number 1 (202) 888-2315 is assigned to Area code 202. 202 numbers are generally located in District of Columbia, but there may be exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 1 (202) 888-2315 has exchange area code (202) 888, which can be used to trace more precise general location for the number in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details can be found in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to locate because their prefix only points at mobile operator network rather than a physical exchange as it is the case for landline numbers.

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Report by Yolanda Howard - 2020-03-08
Called this PM but left no message. Caller ID was just "Washington, DC". Looks like a new number for these criminals.

Report by frauders - 2020-01-13
They've called from the same number 3 times in the past 3 days.... I'm sick of it and it needs to stop! When is this guy going to get this problem under control? and how do I Report them?!?!

Report by a oyster - 2019-12-29
The IRS. Call at once because I'm in trouble. Total scam.

Report by AdFa - 2019-02-03
My friend got a call from this numner saying they were an attorney trying to serve me papers, that if I didnt call back and make arrangements to clear this matter up, the papers will be turned over to the county, which would be a couple states away.I got the same call at my place of work 2 days ago also.I checked the number they used and it isnt an actual name they used, so of course I knew this was a scam so I gave them a piece of my mind and called my local sheriff office and this is the first ever time they called me telling me to call back and let them know to block the call! So I called again today and told them to block me for the 4th time now lol.I don't think it's good they are doing this to people or that some people are actually paying them money. The man I spoke with couldn't even give me the name for who they were collecting for. I told him if that was true I would have been notified by mail by now. No I will see if they call me back.

Report by I say a word but not in Texas... - 2019-01-06
I received a call from them and as I had ordered some medications about 2 months ago, i called them back since i was curious. I placed a call to an actual human who was really nice! I said i had placed a call. He told me it was about a med i had filled out. I had filled out a form for a form of pain medication that I ordered about 2 months ago. He told me I was in good hands, gave me great details for my medication, and stated that he would have my medications mailed to me. I was actually excited to find out it was a scam. Then he said they would send it out today. I am happy that I fell for it and actually gave my credit card info. So i was really glad they did tell me it was a scam. I have no reason to believe what they are saying!

Report by Fred F - 2018-06-19

Report by Lb W - 2018-05-13
Called my cell with my name (a lot of my friends have them) and asking for my name (in a different voice). Not sure if I did it intentionally or if the voice added to it I gave out the wrong one so he asked to talk to (my name) again. He gave that name to me again and ask again what it was regarding, no. Then said was asking for the name of my wife (my wife). I advised it was not that I knew him but she was in California and couldn't talk to him. Asked what this was in regards to and I asked if he was with a company, as in how did he know my wife's name? He said yes but he was just trying to help her. I told him my wife was deceased. I asked him who was calling and he gave his name and said, "I'm calling regarding her death". When I advised he may want to change this or delete it from what they are doing he hung up.

Report by Loriise Parrell - 2018-01-24
I received two emails. One was sent to a different person, then to my old address and then to another old address. I can not remember if I told them to get lost or not. Just tell them you know the person. I would not mail to that address to which I forgot. This is a SCAM!

Report by TKel - 2018-01-13
If they're out of Canada, Canada's Attorney General, Marc Garneau, has no idea who to call about this number. It is the number they give to call to report phone scams and so forth. The RCMP, of course, is out of Ottawa, where this number belongs to, so he has to ask his counterpart to investigate it.

Report by J.Jack - 2017-08-01
This number has been leaving me voice recorded messages. I'm getting real worried about it.

Report by dont call and Santa Cruz - 2017-07-20
I keep getting phone calls saying The IRS is going to sue me for back taxes. I tried calling the number. But no answer

Report by B.J.D. - 2017-06-11
Just now got the same phone call from "Michael Martin" from the Social Security Office regarding my SSN and Fraudulent activity. Scammy!!!!

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