1 (347) 277-5006

Cell Phone or Landline number 1 (347) 277-5006 is assigned to Area code 347. 347 numbers are generally located in New York, but there may be exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 1 (347) 277-5006 has exchange area code (347) 277, which can be used to trace more precise general location for the number in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details can be found in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to locate because their prefix only points at mobile operator network rather than a physical exchange as it is the case for landline numbers.

1 (347) 277-5006 - Submitted Entries

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Report by H. L. Beight - 2020-06-29
Robo voice claiming to be IRS telling me to call this number

Report by k. Cheatham - 2019-04-06
Called my cellphone which is also on the do not call registry.Left a partial voice mail "in reference to your account. We have important information that needs to be verified in reference to your account. Please do call our toll free number 844-539-0628 regarding the verification of your acct number that needs to be verified. Again the number is 844-539-0628 regarding your account."I called back (on my regular land line and also on a business land line, to see who it was) and the first thing they wanted was my 8 digit card number. I refused to give it to them after I asked for the name of the company (which included my name which they gave), and they refused to give me information, and kept insisting they needed it to help "re-activate" my debit card. I told them the only way they were to confirm I was the account holder was to call the number they left on my voicemail. They kept insisting they needed my full SSN to do that. I refused and they hung up on me.This is a scam, plain and simple. I called them and ripped into them. They kept hanging up on me and calling me a "dumbass" and hung up on me. I was able to keep them on the line for close

Report by Andi - 2019-03-14
A call came in from 904-716-1612 and when I answered, it went silent. I called it back at that same number and the operator said, Hello can't connect your call. I think this is an off-shore scam company spoofing their caller ID to try and fool people into answering the phone and picking up.

Report by Juan Jimenez (admin) - 2018-06-20
Yes....and they are calling my cell phone!

Report by Lapach - 2017-11-26
Keep getting calls from 855-206-0571. I also have gotten calls from them from 866-410-9662, 877-268-0371 but I don't know what they want. They never stop calling and when I answer the phone it's just dead silence. I am filing a complaint on these companies.

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