1 (386) 269-1465

Cell Phone or Landline number 1 (386) 269-1465 is assigned to Area code 386. 386 numbers are generally located in Florida, but there may be exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 1 (386) 269-1465 has exchange area code (386) 269, which can be used to trace more precise general location for the number in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details can be found in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to locate because their prefix only points at mobile operator network rather than a physical exchange as it is the case for landline numbers.

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Report by Lamphovich - 2020-01-22
call said it was the IRS, I was getting sued by them and a warrant has been issued under my name

Report by Gunnar - 2020-01-03
Robocall about my Google listing being deactivated. I have no longer updated my Google listing since the great recession. This call seems to be a new scam

Report by DLATour - 2019-07-11
I have gotten calls similar to what you have described from (213) 285-0038 and (213) 285-0107 and (800) 488-6664- They must get information from the US government or they wouldn't keep calling.

Report by SumMan - 2019-06-21
This appears to be a scammer spoofing a USAA Mastercard number. The message was about verifying my phone number (which is my direct addres at my job) when I am not the person they are looking for.

Report by Canceled - 2019-06-13
Caller ID says "no name"

Report by d a f e - 2019-06-04
I keep getting calls from them for someone else at my number. I've tried many times to tell them I am not the person they keep calling about etc. They say all they can do is report the number they keep getting reports about..I've even tried to get more information about the caller but always end up with them hanging up on me. I keep blocking that number but they keep calling from a new one. Ugh! I have no idea what to do to keep these people from having access to my

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