1 (701) 030-3100

Cell Phone or Landline number 1 (701) 030-3100 is assigned to Area code 701. 701 numbers are generally located in North Dakota, but there may be exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 1 (701) 030-3100 has exchange area code (701) 030, which can be used to trace more precise general location for the number in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details can be found in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to locate because their prefix only points at mobile operator network rather than a physical exchange as it is the case for landline numbers.

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Report by Gita Cross - 2019-12-16
Same thing happened to me today. They called and left a vm with some

Report by Tex Lady - 2019-11-24
This phone number called my cell phone. I called it back and it was a recording for what sounded like a travel agency, with a travel agency agent. Apparently, they have a special promotion going on since my number is a business cell. There was also a option to be removed from their list which I did not use. I have blocked them permanently. If you call back, they know your cell number is a working number and hang up. I think I will just add this number to my cell phone list.

Report by BronxBicycle - 2019-08-29
I've been getting calls from this number. There is nobody on the other end of the line and it hangs up as if it will disconnect the call. At least two times a day. Finally picked up this morning. Heavily Indian. I hung up when he wouldn't tell me who I am in any case. They must think we're stupid or they would know that we aren't supposed to give personal information unless we know them, or the company they work for. I had to call ATT last week because one of the charges on my bill was from Verizon Wireless and I had to call that number back. I'm now waiting for them to call me back since I can offer me a lower rate. The only reason I'm on the phone with them now is to get my name off the list but my number will take 30 days to get off. I

Report by Ciakabell - 2019-06-30
I am constantly getting recorded messages by this number on my work phone and my cell phone

Report by LIm62 - 2018-09-18
Didn't answer, no message left.

Report by doinginforg - 2018-04-18
Called my work number multiple times claiming to be the IRS and threatening court action against me for unpaid taxes

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